Cement Consultancy Associates know Cement and Lime

Cement is essential for sustained global economic development. And population growth and urbanisation create greater demand for lime for use in pharmaceuticals, iron and steel making, water purification, traditional construction techniques, and waste and sewerage plants. This reality brings significant challenges and risks. Increasing energy costs and the need to meet growing global demand, while minimising the environmental impact of production makes the cement and lime industry highly specialised. The world needs cement and lime. Above all it needs efficient, professionally-managed and environmentally-sensitive production and distribution facilities.


Investments in the creation, expansion or upgrading of cement production plants are large scale and long term. The consequences of the decisions taken and their associated risks are potentially long lasting and highly significant financially. Getting the best possible advice and harnessing specialist expertise in the decision making process and project implementation is essential, whether you are a manufacturing company, investor or government agency.


Cement Consultancy Associates delivers proven expertise, from project concepts, project design, feasibility studies and the full scope of project management support with the creation, commissioning and operating of efficient and profitable production plants. Our expertise also encompasses the use of alternative and waste fuels in cement and lime production. Getting anything less than the best and most experienced advice and support could be a significant risk. Our team of experts has a proven track record of successful cement and lime industry projects delivered worldwide. We improve performance and project outcomes through three principal deliverables: -
  • CONSULTING SERVICES: expert advice from experienced board-level, international cement industry professionals that are able to provide in-depth analysis and recommendations to clients for the marketing, manufacturing and finance and administration activities encompassed in the cement and lime sectors.
  • ENGINEERING SERVICES: delivered through the CCA project engineering team and our specialist engineering company VAV Engineering.
  • PLANT OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE: sourcing the best specialist staff from around the world through the Cement Register, and training local workforces with the technical, supervisory and managerial skills they need.
Our experience is truly global and includes long-standing relationships with both equipment suppliers and producers in Europe, China, S.E. Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our focus is always in delivering superior results and sustained value for our clients.
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