Consulting Services

Developments in technology, engineering and global economics have significantly changed the character of the cement and lime industry worldwide. High investment and energy costs together with intensive competition demand ever higher levels of operational capability and efficiency.

CCA provides a fully integrated and comprehensive range of consulting services to meet these challenges with cement and lime specialists based in our UK and Romanian offices.

We have extensive experience of carrying out business and technical reviews, both for private companies and for governments and international lending agencies. Our reviews help clients to make better informed and less risky major decisions about the future of their business or the viability of economic or technical options.

Consulting services can include:

  • Geological investigations
  • Market analysis, distribution and transport studies
  • Feasibility and bankable document studies
  • Plant technical investigations and reviews
  • Due diligence investigations and acquisition support

As well as:

  • Environmental studies and impact assessments
  • Energy conservation
  • Benchmarking
  • Expert witness

Geological investigations

The exploration and development of raw material sources for the manufacture of cement and lime can be undertaken for clients by CCA. Experienced geologists can specify and supervise the surveying and core drilling of potential material deposits. The quantity and quality of the materials in a deposit are estimated and put into commercial context for exploitation.

Quarry design and the selection of the appropriate earthmoving equipment for the extraction of materials and of equipment for the handling and processing of them are a successive service that can be offered in conjunction with these investigations.

Market analysis, distribution and transport studies

Sales forecasts derived from the predicted demand for cement and lime in the marketplace form one basis of feasibility studies that CCA carry out. The review of competitors’ activities and planned developments together with an assessment of product prices, price trends and studies of transport, distribution networks and costs are fundamental to the marketing review tasks that we envisage performing for our clients.

Feasibility and bankable document studies

We carry out technical and economic feasibility studies for investment decisions. Investment in new plants or acquisition of existing assets and the introduction of new techniques all require a careful assessment of the decisive factors involved. Our consultants have considerable experience and expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of existing operations and of proposed expansions or new developments.

Feasibility studies are undertaken ranging from pre-feasibility assessments to comprehensive reports for presentation to financing agencies, potential investors or regulatory authorities. The Consultants also evaluate and report on proposed mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

Plant technical investigations and reviews

CCA carry out a wide and diverse range of technical investigations for cement and lime plant owners in order to identify problem areas and propose solutions to them. Plant investigations usually comprise a site visit by a team of experienced cement engineers (process, mechanical, electrical and automation as appropriate). The in-plant investigations will probably include interviews with plant management, studies of operating records and inspection of machinery.

The main objectives of this type of investigation are to gain a clear picture on plant operations, operating conditions and efficiencies and the present status of the plant equipment and production machinery to identify the items of concern of the owner.

The information gathered will be collated in CCA offices and used for drawing conclusions from the plant visit in order to outline the process changes or investments that would be required in the short to medium term to solve the issues of concern.

The findings and recommendations are presented in report form to the client.

Due diligence investigations and acquisition support

CCA performs the following scope of work in order to reach an expert opinion when cement or lime assets are to be confirmed.

The condition and status of plant and equipment of the assets are identified by study of any sale documentation and by plant site visits. A market assessment will provide an overview of the economic development in general with its impact on the cement assets together with identification of market conditions and rules of competition within the local industry in terms of selling prices, ex-works prices, market shares, distribution and transportation.

The capacity utilisation and planned production with consideration of the impacts of other plants, import facilities and their competitive effects will be part of our remit with presentation of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the assets from the impacts of the economy and market conditions identified;

A technical assessment will include the determination of raw materials availability with consideration of any proven reserves chemistry, the adequacy of plant design and technology including detailed review of process flow sheets and a review operational data with specific emphasis on run factors and production performance.

Our assessment of operational risks and measures for their control form the basis of this type of assignment. We look closely at the environmental and social impacts of the assets and review any improvement plans and associated costs.

We would review current and historic operating costs, financial projections and economic valuation, considering the assumptions underpinning financial projections and provide our view on the asset value, based on comparable plants.