Plant Operation & Maintenance

CCA can give advice, assistance and training for improved operations. The profitability of cement production is influenced by the efficiency and effectiveness of all personnel, systems and equipment contributing to the manufacturing process. In addition to engineering services for new plants or expansions CCA through its subsidiary, The Cement Register offers a wide range of services to assist manufacturers in the optimisation of their existing plants.

The Cement Register (CERCOM) undertakes the full range of cement consultancy services and is the channel for Operating and Maintenance (O&M) contracts. The company also performs a recruitment service for both short and long term personnel requirements.

Operation and Maintenance Contracts


CERCOM expertise adds significant value for new plant start-ups where owners need to establish a market presence while training an eventual permanent local labour force. We will advise you on the staff required and supply well-qualified and experienced personnel either as individuals or in teams. Assignments can be short or long term and are delivered under an operating and maintenance contract.

CERCOM will also arrange the essential training needed by managers, engineers, operators and technicians to ensure that the local workforce develops the appropriate skills and knowledge.

CERCOM O&M contracts are designed on a case by case basis and generally include an agreed production or sales output together with possible cost and efficiency provisions.

Technical Service Agreement

CCA’s technical and managerial know-how is available in an advisory or executive capacity to assist plant owners’ to operate their plant through a Technical Service Agreement with The Cement Register. This arrangement provides for the regular review and evaluation of plant operations and performance. Senior Consultants are available for regular visits to the plant to give advice and other assistance at short notice.

The Cement Register has carried out a number of projects on existing plants to maximise output at minimum cost whilst ensuring the consistency and quality of production.

Assignments include:

  • Operating procedures, production planning and control
  • Shut-down maintenance programmes
  • Problem solving and plant improvements
  • Process and quality control
  • Energy conservation
  • Pollution control
  • Bulk handling and transport
  • Packing, palletising and loading

Alternative Fuels

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Quality Assurance & Laboratory facilities

Laboratory services for the analysis and testing of materials and products together with research and development and project work is made available through accredited concerns. An extensive programme of investigations can cover raw materials, process technology, energy efficiency, product development and cement applications.


CCA offers customised training courses for clients’ employees to suit the needs of managers, engineers, operators and technicians. Courses can be arranged to include practical training at production units as well as at training facilities in the United Kingdom and other locations.