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Cement Reference List

Cement Consultancy Associates provides a fully integrated and comprehensive range of consultancy services from its UK and Romanian base. We have considerable expertise in the technical and economic evaluation of existing operations and of proposed expansions, conversions or new developments.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals comprise electrical, chemical, mechanical and civil engineers, as well as business and financial consultants – with expertise in process design, energy conservation including alternative fuels, the environment, safety, training, production and operational management. With many experts to call on we can match our consultants precisely to a client’s particular needs.

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Lime Reference List

Lime has a wide range of applications in pharmaceuticals, iron and steel making, water purification, traditional construction techniques and waste and sewerage plants. The intended and potential use of the product is affected by the quality of the raw material and the cleanliness of the fuel used in production. These factors have a huge influence on the location, design and operation of lime production facilities.

The cost and availability of energy and the associated emissions are also areas where a high degree of specialised capability and experience is needed.

CCA offers expert advice and consultancy on the design, commissioning and operation of lime production facilities worldwide.

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